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Family trees have many branches to explore and enjoy. Our ancestor families lived their lives, now we live our lives. Discover your New Brunswick family history and ancestor origins . Document your ancestors and relatives...create a treasured legacy for future generations of your family to enjoy. New Brunswick genealogy research is available here...productive, efficient and through.

Genealogy has been called a vertical line of descent from an ancestor. Your ancestors are your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Collateral lines are your cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and siblings. A collateral relative is a blood relative but is not your ancestor. Documenting vertical lines of descent and collateral or horizontal lines of relatives is what we do. We do that in graphic and in text format. In constructing a genealogy it is crucial for accuracy and credibility to cite sources of information. We do that by documenting the record group, microfilm or file number, institution name and location.

We also do lookups for specific information in your family tree. BMD's (birth/baptisms, marriages and deaths) are vitals found in civil and Church records, in Cemetery records and in newspapers.

Two kinds of records exist at record repositories, secondary or published information and primary or original information. In our client research we focus on primary records.

LIFELINES Genealogy Research, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. We offer the skill and experience of a Certified Genealogist. At the Provincial Archives in Fredericton are the published genealogies and biographical histories of New Brunswick families, civil, Church and newspaper vital statistics, registered land documents, deeds and wills, land petitions, land grants, survey plans, probate and other court files.  On deposit here are Loyalist records from 1783 and French records from the early 1700's.

Since 1994  we have served more than 400 clients. We do research at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick and at the University of New Brunswick Harriet Irving Library here in Fredericton. We also have researched records at other archives and libraries in New Brunswick including the New Brunswick Museum at Saint John.

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Below is a list of record groups for the fifteen Counties of New Brunswick which are on deposit at the Provincial Archives. Record formats are original documents and files, published compilations and books, microfilm and microfiche.

New Brunswick Land Petitions

New Brunswick Land Grants

New Brunswick Land Survey Plans

Cadastral Land Grant Maps

Loyalist Publications, Loyalist Claims

Pension Files of Old Revolutionary War Soldiers & Widows

Census Returns by County, Parish and Community

1861 & 1871 Agricultural Schedules for New Brunswick

New Brunswick County Council Records

County Registry Office Deeds, Mortgages, Wills

Civil Vital Statistics, Births, Marriages, Deaths

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Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers

Church Parish Registers, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

New Brunswick Newspaper Directory

Early NB County Marriages

NB County Marriage Bonds  

Immigration & Ships Passenger Lists

County Probate Court Files and Books

New Brunswick Court of Equity Files

New Brunswick Supreme Court Files

Teachers Petitions, Licenses                                                                                                   A beautiful young woman

Teachers and School Trustees Returns

Name and Location Directories for New Brunswick

New Brunswick Museum Vertical Files

New Brunswick Family Genealogies 

New Brunswick Biographies

MC80 Private Papers Collection

Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection.

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The Harriet Irving Library at the University of New Brunswick has a comprehensive Loyalist Collection of the Revolutionary War period 1775 to 1784. The collection includes British Colonial Office records, United States Colonial period Provincial records, New Brunswick Loyalist Papers and Record Books, Loyalist Regiment Muster Rolls, various Letter Books and Enlistment Documents plus New Brunswick Loyalist Claims for Colonial losses. Also records of the Loyalist migration from New York to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1783 and 1784. Much of the material is now indexed. The record formats are published books, research compilations and microfilm.

The Harriet Irving Library also has an extensive collection of daily and weekly editions of Atlantic region newspapers from 1755. News stories, editorials, marriages, obituaries and death notices are of great value in genealogy research. Format is microfilm and later edition originals.

The UNB Harriet Irving Library has an Archives and Special Collections inventory on the fifth floor. That collection consists of old and rare books, periodicals, private papers and student theses, historical and literary records of New Brunswick.

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